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re: baskets/stamps

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Kari George (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 16:25:02 -0600

Someone asked about baskets this week...
I just completed a fiber unit...quilts, weavings and baskets the
time we got to the basket lessons the students and I were ready for
something tangleless and more open ended than the previous under/over
routine of weaving. So I developed a two week basket lesson focusing on
pattern....marker drawings for Kng, primary grades used crayon with stamps
(see below) colored pencil for the upper set. I rounded up basket from
all over my house....filling up a laundry basket...I had wooven as well as
coiled, natural as well as man made, bicycle,
easter...etc. After a little exlporing an discussing the vast uses of
baskets and the variety of ways they're crafted or mass produced, the
students developed concentric circles on tag board, filling in both sides
with patterns within the rings--picture a target with line, shape and color
repeating in each circle---the upper grades used the same concept but I let
them choose their intial shape--oval square or rectangle in addition to the
circle. When both sides were completed I helped the students divide the
shapes into eighths, they cut to the center circle, then pulled the
sections up two at a time stapling a bit of overlap until a basic bowl was
formed....squares and rectangles became box like. Long rectagular strips
of tag were out for those who wanted to add handle(s).
I must give credit to my student intern for coming up with a very cool stripping the kind with a sticky backing...we cut them
into one inch squares -the students cut all sorts of shapes, peeled the
backs and stuck them on the ends of empty film containers...using office
style stamp pads the students stamped in the concentric shapes, shared
their stamps with classmates to create extremely sophisticated patterns,
then colored in the backgrounds....very cheap and safe print making gadget!

See you in DC,

Kari George
Fairview Elementary
Milwaukee---where the snow is on its second melt down--WI