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Nagel, Judy (JNagel)
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 08:30:02 -0600

Rob (and all), I just wanted to respond to this message because I have been
to Sharon's art room and observed her in action.  Not only does she do a
quality art program but I it is very obvious that her peers respect (and
almost revere) her.  Not only that but she has wonderful art on display!  My
two cents...Judy Nagel <>


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From: Rob Morey [raboo]
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Subject: Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are a special teacher and the
member of an elite group. Teachers are a dime a dozen, but good teachers,
the ones who are there to put forth all of their energy for all of the right
reasons, are priceless.  I really feel sorry for the teachers who have been
so stressed out over the problems that they are having with their co-workers
and their associates, (that can be so incredibly draining.)  However, I
don't feel sorry for them because of the problems that they have been
describing, but because I think they have their priorities all mixed up,
even though they have the very best of intentions.  If a teacher walked into
my class, interrupting my lesson to ask for something stupid so stupid and
selfish as a foam-core guitar or a birthday card for their grand-child, (
and they have,) the answer is a plain and simple NO, with a following of,
"Please don't interrupt my class again."  If they get upset, well, to bad.
If they are such light weights about that kind of stuff, then I sure don't
what them on my team. I need to have strong, committed people on my side. 
Why do we put up with the long hours and the less than adequate pay and the
public criticism?  We do it for the kids, period.  If we are there for any
other reason, then we are there for all of the wrong reasons.  We are not
decorators of hallways and bulletin boards and such.  We are educators and
if we don't demand respect from our peers, then they aren't going to give it
to us.  It may seem unfair, but that is life.  Frankly, the day that I start
stressing out over anything else other than my job as a teacher and how well
I teach, that is the day that I will quit teaching, because I will have
become ineffective. 
Keep up the wonderful work.