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S. Henneborn (heneborn)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 10:03:15 -0600

This is th 7th time I have tried to send this since Thursday! I have posted 2
times since and both have appeared on the list. This seems to disappear into
a black hole and I am determined to make it through! (of course we may get 6
copies all at once!)

About a Jurassic Park and Dino lesson


I have a fun lesson that I use when the primaries study the
Jurassic and Triassic periods. We talk about how the earth was when it was
forming and it was new, rugged and unstable. Volcanos and geysers spewed
gasses and wild winds stirred the dust all affecting the colors of the waters
and the sky.

After we have imagined purple waters and orange and lime green skies we do a
torn paper, overlap lesson involving layering background, middle ground and foreground.

1) Select a background color of 12x18 construction paper any color for your sky.
2) Select 1 to 3 colors to be rugged background mountains, middle ground and
foreground. To save paper I have the artists work in groups and share because
each of these pieces will be torn in half. When they are first trying this I
decide if all will be held vertically or horizontally so that the paper can be
shared. Each artist tears a piece of 12x18 in a jagged direction from short
side to short side...all the way across. Keep one piece of each of the colors
for yourself and share the others with the group. Choose a piece someone else
has torn and start layering the background first, overlap the middle ground
and the foreground last.
3) Then come the details...dinosaurs, plants, lava flows, strange colored
bubbly waters, cloud formations, etc. Use paint, rich fluorescent crayons,
cut and scored paper to develop an exciting young earth landscape. Please
encourage all this overlapping, plants, and clouds to reach outside of the
picture plane

Sometimes I use the large rolls of craft paper to make very large wall
hangings by groups and individual. They are great hanging in the library
(Open space school ***NO WALLS.) The only people who have a problem with the
huge ones are the bus drivers when the children take them home. The advantage
with the small ones is I know they make it home to the refridg!

I keep the leftover torn paper in a big flat box so artists can dig in when
they have a "choice day" This doesn't take as much paper as it sounds. You
know the dull paper that hangs around at the end of the year ...the purples
and browns... that makes great landscapes too with the bright colors being
added in with paint etc.

Sharon Henneborn

>Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 17:32:25 -0500
>From: "Stephanie Ignazio" <smi>
>Subject: Re: jurassic park
>Any ideas on ways to create a "Jurassic Park" effect for a study on
dinosaurs? I'm at a loss where to start! The kids are in first grade. HELP!