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The IQ of SOME teachers (LONG POST)

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Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:59:41 EST

Dear Jane,

When I read your post I thought it was ME who wrote it!! (Does that make
Yep, I can relate to EVERYTHING you wrote-- and more !!
The "Guitar" strumming teacher--oh, yeah...I have one of those too! The
teacher in MY school comes in my room (usually when I have a class) and
demands I draw pictures for her grandchildrens' birthday, her mother is
having an anniversary, her brother is having a bar mitzvah---- whatever!! I
can turn her down until I'm red, blue and purple in the face, but this lady
just doesn't get it!! She never gives up. She bothers me at least once a
I get requests for paper, crayons, pencils, rulers, markers etc. during
class, and there are teachers (get this one) using my room as a SHORTCUT to
her class!! Yes, they walk in my room (class usually in session) two or
three times a day so they don't have to use the stairs. One of the African
American teachers accused me of being a bigot. Why? She claimed I give
better assignments to the white teachers than the black ones.
The Hispanic teachers complain I don't teach enough about Hispanic Art, and
the black teachers complain I teach TOO much Hispanic art and not enough about
black art.
How can I win in this kind of logic?!?!?!
(It goes without saying I count every itty bitty assignment and it comes out
even steven. Hispanic: 15 . African American: 15. Total count!!!).

I work in a very poor inner city school with no $$$ for art supplies. It
really galls me that I have to write grants for supplies --on my own time
(weekends), running around, on my own time, for donations (art teachers --you
know how that is!)---and there are teachers in my school that refuse to write
grants, punch out at 2:30 (I work until 6:00 at nite), and demand supplies
from me--for their own personal use!!
I know I shouldn't, but I purchase some of these supplies from my own personal
funds, ie. an art book or fancy scissors. What art teacher hasn't done that?
Here's what happened today: I have been absent for 2 days due to the flu.
One of the kindergarten teachers (gets 5 plannings periods a week plus a nice
break in middle of day--I have NO breaks and 8 classes a day of all levels)
asked me to make the two days up. I turned her down flat. She stood in my
room, and refused to leave, throwing her little hissy fit. I stood my
ground and she stalked out.
Isn't this outrageous?
Please keep in touch and let me know how you are dealing with some of these
teachers that lack basic common sense. Thankfully, they are in the minority.
Hang in there. I feel your pain!! (Ooooh, don't you just HATE that

Good Luck,
Jill (Bluestruth)