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Re: 7th grade

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 20:28:53 -0600

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I teach middle school also. At the end of last semester I had some problems
with the students behavior. Well the last day we made friendship bracelets,
chokers and anklets with hemp rope. They loved it!!!!!! It's in big time high
fashion right now and they were very interested. you could them go a lesson in
weaving or fibers afterwards. It worked for me. Just a thought.

chandra grace cousins wrote:

> I teach a rather difficult 7th grade. It has occurred to me that if
> I can relate art lessons to what's important in the kids lives, then they
> may be more interested and more willing to work. What's important in 7th
> grade? I remember that being cool was very important, boys, looks, being
> popular. and hobbies. What am I forgetting or missing? I thought that
> maybe we could work out a way to advertize or "sell" what each individual
> thought was "cool." Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I need to
> figure out lessons that can be done in the classroom (off a cart), and don't
> require much work outside of school for the students. Also, if you have
> other ideas that have worked well for 7th grade, let me know.
> Chandra Cousins
> Hancock grammar School
> K-8
> Hancock, ME

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