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Re: materials requests and etc.

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 17:57:55 -0500

DeDe..yes, I love the fact that they say ... I NEED 18 pieces of string cut
to this length. I need 14 pieces of yellow paper cut to this exact size
which just so happens to be the size of a large bumble-bee.... I had one
teacher climb all the way up from the first ask me to make a sign
for her wall..she wanted me to do it right there and then. I was in the
middle of my lesson...another handed me her WEIGHT LIFTING BELT and asked me
to inscribe it with her initials, so that when she is lifting and has to
leave it there everyone will know its hers!!!! Here's another one...(I got a
million) one teacher of mine sent me a note via the kids ( actually this was
the teacher who gave me the brushoff about my elaboration/color scheme
framing artwork lesson), (after I explicitly made an exception and told her
to send me a kid during my one free prep period and I would give her what
she needed) for 25 feet of brown butcher paper. I looked at the kid like he
had 40 heads. (At the time he found me I was in the hallway sorting thru
wet/dry prints.) Of course, I got up went to the other end of the school and
did it, but I told him I would just give him a bunch and if it wasn't enough
I couldn't spare anymore, I was not going to measure out 25 exact feet. ( He
didn't care and went along his merry way) Another note on this particular
teacher..we had a great lesson going with making clay pots, vases, teapots,
etc. The same things that the kids drew they are now constructing....after
cleanup ensued and a few were still washing their hands..she comes out from
behind her desk and yells...ok, that's enough we have GOT to get back to
BUSINESS. I felt extremely small and backed my cart right out of the room.
She ticks me off.
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From: DeDeRuss <DeDeRuss>
To: smi <smi>;
Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 9:56 PM
Subject: Re: materials requests and etc.

>Dear Stephanie---I can read from you letter how frustrated you are, and you
>have every right to be furious. I have learned over the years the most
>important word an art teacher has in their vocabulary is "NO". Kindly and
>firmly said. When I first started teaching 20 years ago and kids came
>my room or teachers for that matter I would drop everything and get them
>they asked for interupting my lessons as I did it. In the middle of a
>many teachers sent kids in to get, "17 pieces of green paper, 13 X 17" or
>scissors, or 15 bottle of white glue"--which I was using at the time! How
>stupid of me! I now have learned that if I don't want to give them what
>want I simply say, "sorry I don't have time now" or " I cannot give you
>Simple! We recently had a workshop run by a fabulous educator, Fran
>who said nothing is more important than teaching your students, and when
>interupt your lesson to converse with teachers or get things for another
>teacher you are sending a message to the students that your lesson is not
>really all that important---that being a "servant" to another teacher takes
>presidence over them. I really don't care if the other teachers view me as
>"mean"---the kids are the most important thing in my day! Stephanie---just
>no. 'Nuf said.