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RE: materials requests and etc.

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 18:05:23 -0500

Without a room you would think that people would realize that I cannot be
available to their every whim! But no, track my down, come looking for me,
interrupt my lesson, ask for stuff you know "WE" don't have. I love when
they use the word "WE"..... I have had a multitude of children actually come
and find me looking for stuff. (Is it strapped to my back and I don't know
about it???) I am about to lose my mind and I know its not the kids
fault..don't shoot the messenger...but please!!! There is one woman in
particular who denies that she does it. I don't even teach her kids at
all..not even the whole grade level! The art teacher for her class told her
to please stop interrupting my classes and sending kids to me asking for
stuff and she denied doing it. ( Thsi same woman has gone thru our entire
supply of plaster..doing fire helmets...we actually had to "cut her
off"..needless to say, the fire helmet production stopped..she wasn't paying
out of her pocket.) It is truly rediculous ... She told us to write up a
sign of our HOURS (yes, I have so much free time to sit around and eat bon
bons don't you???) of free time on our door so that people would know when
to come and get stuff (this stuff being art fdept purchased things of
course!) . HAHAHAHAHA. I almost tossed my cookies at that one and said "post
my hours, kiss my (bleep)." The woman I work with said.."we're never free,
display time, integration, etc... we always have something going on" the
woman had the gaul to say "well, I eat my lunch in my room, you should too.
then we could come and get things" can you all imagine????. It is the
secretary's fault because she tells everyone that the materials that they
need are in our closet...that way she doesn't have to get off her butt and
walk them down the hall. ( I do not want to get into the secretary
discussion again.) How do you all handle material requests from teachers,
etc....I am losing it !!!!!! Stephanie
Also **** I am doing this project with my third graders about food coming to
life, its something that represents them, it has personality, eyes, ears,
hands, is really cute..problem is I started a few classes
working with Model Magic and wiggly eyes, etc...but I'm running low on MM
and soon on clay. Do you have any recommendations about how I could
elaborate on the personality thing..but using different materials? I have
three other classes that will need to start next week. I thought C.
Oldenburg..stuffed veggies with eyes, etc, etc...but want some new "blood"
so to speak. let me know if you have any ideas..or maybe any other grade 3
ideas that I could put in this projects place. thanks!