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RE: no elem. art experiences....

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Fields, Linda (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 14:55:26 -0500

I, too, am most grateful for good elementary and middle school art
teachers. No one works harder, in my opinion. A student teacher new to me
commented the other day that he liked the fact that high schoolers knew what
overlapping meant, he didn't have to explain, "first you do this, then you
do this,etc." (in a sarcastic voice). I quickly said, "Yes, but if an
elementary teacher hadn't taught them that, they wouldn't know it now!"
Enough said. Linda in NC

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> Hi, said in response...
> >It's gratifying to know that>our efforts are not entirely in vain.
> Didn't know till this afternoon when I sat down to use the big C that I
> had
> started such a ruckus. As a former elem. art teacher in the state of
> Florida way back (late 60's) when there was no cart...just carryin' things
> in my arms from room to room. Finally graduated to a grocery cart (got a
> big red bow on it...they thought they were being so gracious to give me
> this!).I definitely know where you are coming from having been there
> myself
> and know how hard you work.
> My comments come from the point of view of having LITTLE IF ANY
> elementary
> art in most of the California pub. school districts...that I'm aware of.
> It's all dumped into our laps at the mid. school to bring everybody up to
> speed. Sometimes I have to "untrain" kids not to just slap paint onto
> paper and say, "I'm done" when there has been no thought or goal reaching
> in doing so. So many 6th graders are still at the sun-in-the-corner
> stage/etc. not having any real art teacher before me. Yes, the majority
> are
> willing and eager to learn art knowledge. And, yes, they want confirmation
> and need security for their decisions since they've never been taught how
> to critique their own work.
> I just wish WE had you guys working with the kids before we got 'em. It
> would save so much beginning time. Toodles.......
> Bunki Kramer - Los Cerros Middle School
> 968 Blemer Rd., Danville, California 94526