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Re: lessons on cubism

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Tue, 2 Mar 1999 21:10:33 EST

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ricki6969 writes:

<< Any
suggestions on artmaking for a lesson on Cubism for middle scholars? >>

Hi, I have done cubism with art 3 (high school) for many years. It is a
tough project unless you can use a gimmick. this is one that I use for my
slower students but it would be great for any level and still looks great.
You will have to picture this and It might get confusing but hang in there.

Set up a still life that has many different things that use vertical and
horizontal movement.

1. Make a contour study of the objects on newsprint and make it dark enough to
see clearly.

2. With scissors cut the picture into uneven squares and informal spacing.

3. On another piece of newsprint reassemble the pieces but shift and separate
(slightly) the pieces so that they fragment and show a shift in the shapes of
the objects.

4. Connect any lines that are spaces, and draw the lines of the cut pieces. Be
sure that they have shifted the objects along the edge of the cut. By cutting
the paper it makes it easy for them to see how some objects are still visible
but they have been fragmented and have a sense of the cubist spirit.

5. Transfer the sketch and use pencil, colored pencil, paint or ? to shade in
values and make gradation along the lines that divide the shapes of the still
life objects.

I have handouts that show this and you should try it and demonstrate every
step to them but they will like the results because it will still be
recognizable and looks cubist.

Ken Schwab
Leigh H.S.
San Jose CA