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integrated lessons

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LiteSal (LiteSal)
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 18:11:40 -0500

Dear Judy,

I've encountered the same problems. Add to that, silly suggestions like,
"Could you make little snowflake people to decorate the hall." Basically,
they tried to pawn off the crafts they did in class for decorations....they
really feel that's my role!!! I work with over 35 teachers, and until they
start to coordinate their efforts, integration seems out of the question.
As it stands, I entertain worthwhile ideas and requests, and work from there
(if they give me enough time to plan, like more than 2 days!). I work with
second grade on a dinosaur unit, we make line drawings of the dinosaurs they
are researching. These are included in a coloring book that has the
drawings and an informational paragraph by each student (done in computer
class). The reason this integration works, is that we all pull our weight.
We then move on to a wooden dinosaur sculpture in the round (using

Sincerely, Leah

>You know....this all sounds sounds like a dream
>world. For years I have TRIED to coordinate my lessons with the
>classroom lessons. I have tried having meetings with the classroom
>teachers...maybe one of four would show up and since they didn't team
>teach, they were all doing different things.
>Next, I tried sending out a memo requesting information...all typed out
>with each subject listed so all they had to do was fill in the blank. I
>was lucky if I got back 3 out of a school of 20 classroom teachers.
>Next we tried a planning day where they hired subs so we, (music, art,
>and p.e.) could sit down with the teachers during their planning time
>and discuss their plans. We got excuses like...I'm not sure where we
>will be in the science book in a week.
>If you have ideas on HOW to coordinate with the classroom teachers, I
>would appreciate hearing them.
>Judy in OK