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Re:Meaning (of)

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Betty Bowen (
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 15:47:23 -0600

Ron - love the example! so, scenes of sublimate your
jealousy of your (fictitious) sister by painting the triumph of the underdog
Henry? Pretty subtle (unless the French are wielding music stands)
Agreed, there is a difference between art being "of" something and "about"
something. The individual pieces of art I make are just a small part of an
ongoing conversation I've have with myself for about fifteen years. When I
work, the art is drawn from within the ongoing dialogue. I never pick up
quite where I left off. So while my work as a "body of work" is about
something (I hope), individual pieces show only a small part of the
something. So one individual piece may be impossible to explain, like
dropping in mid-conversation. Is that bizarre? It seems very natural to me.
Artists who consciously look around for something to make art about are a
whole different matter. Wouldn't know, never been there.
When I look at someone else's work I rarely try to figure out what it's
really about. I suspect the piece is only a very small part of the story.

Does it really matter to you what someone else's piece is "about"? How
important is that to your acceptance/enjoyment of the work?