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Lesson Plans

Re: no elem. art experiences....

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freckles spots (freckles_spot)
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 05:49:45 PST

You know....this all sounds sounds like a dream
world. For years I have TRIED to coordinate my lessons with the
classroom lessons. I have tried having meetings with the classroom
teachers...maybe one of four would show up and since they didn't team
teach, they were all doing different things.
Next, I tried sending out a memo requesting information...all typed out
with each subject listed so all they had to do was fill in the blank. I
was lucky if I got back 3 out of a school of 20 classroom teachers.
Next we tried a planning day where they hired subs so we, (music, art,
and p.e.) could sit down with the teachers during their planning time
and discuss their plans. We got excuses like...I'm not sure where we
will be in the science book in a week.
If you have ideas on HOW to coordinate with the classroom teachers, I
would appreciate hearing them.
Judy in OK

>I think this is time for the elementary teachers
>to integrate big time with the classroom
>teachers. We should try to coordinate our lessons
>teaching our concepts but using their themes or
>subjects to reinforce their lessons in our
>classrooms. We should get busy asking how we can
>help them so that the students can pass these
>mandated tests that are here now and are not going
>away. The tests and standards stress hands on
>learning which we do in a big way and the teachers
>cannot get to because they are so busy at the fact
>level of blooms taxonomy that they cannot get to
>the higher level teaching of hands on products and
>presentations and basically a fun way to learn.
>The standards require this type of learning but
>teachers don't know how to fit this into their way
>of teaching. We can, and we would be considered
>indispensable by the staff if we not only provided
>breaks for them but reinforced their lessons. I
>am not talking about abandoning our curriculums,
>but enhancing their lessons while teaching about
>art. For example when they teach about the earth
>in first grade we can also teach about it with
>clay and repeat the concepts the teachers taught
>along with our own and a bit of art history etc.
>We can help the schools in a big way to pass these
>tests that have teachers screaming about getting
>back to the core subjects only. I see elementary
>art as more important then ever but we have to get
>busy showing the schools how we can help in this

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