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Re: no elem. art experiences....

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lindacharlie (lindacharlie)
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 05:31:52 -0500

Whoa! That kind of shoots down the role of us elementary art teachers.
Guess we might as well figure out another career path. Unless maybe
there is something else to learning about and through art that is very
important at the elementary level.
I can understand the focus of secondary people on product. But I'd like
to point out that I WORK MY FANNY OFF at the elementary level to lay
some groundwork for the love and appreciation of art and its
relationship to all our lives, and to nurture my students' developing
abilities through process. I believe my students bring many of those
understandings and skills to their subsequent art learning exoeriences.
I would hope they are not summarily dismissed as inconsequential when
they get there.
Linda in Michigan

Bunki Kramer wrote:
> >Bunki - I taught in California, Sacramento actually, for a year. I
> >taught 2/3 grade and was outraged at the lack of art in the district.
> >It was nonexistant. I'm curious how you students art abilities are at
> >the middle level if they have had no art experiences or little at the
> >elementary level. Do you notice a difference?
> ******************
> Hi, Gigi....Difference? I really don't see much difference on my end
> because I'm so used to having kids come with a hodge-podge of art
> knowledge. When a student comes in from out of state and has had lots of
> art, I still can't tell much difference in their abilities...except maybe
> in art history and the colorwheel. That's why I use my 6th grade as a
> beginning point of learning. We specifically work on line, color theory,
> composition, pattern, painting methods and weaving....and rules of the
> artroom (I have them on a 7-week rotation).
> ... I really didn't realize how much sophistication I was getting from
> them (I use to teach high school) until I entered some of my students'
> works in the state conference exhibit.....
> ...if you ask me what the kids have missed out on or
> have lacked in the elementary grades, I think they can learned quickly with
> a high expectation level teacher and do exceptionally outstanding work.