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Re: porno posts through this art ed list

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GTBlack (GTBlack)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 22:42:02 EST

Believe me, sending email is useless. If it doesn't bounce and get returned
to you, your address will probably go into their database, resulting in more
unwanted mail.

I have an email account I haven't used in 2 years because I got tired of
hitting delete to make room for the mail I wanted to keep. Even though it
hasnt been used in that period of time, the address is still getting 8-10 junk
pieces a day .... I assume it is because that address is being sold and resold
to other spammers.

If anyone REALLY wants to find out who is responsible and try to contact them
you can try a domain search through INTERNEC (sorry, don't have the url).
When you set up a domain ( you have to run a search with
INTERNEC first to see if it is already taken .... it will give you the name
and street address of the person/company who paid the registration fee and is
responsible for it. In some cases it will even list the phone number. If not
you could search the yellow pages for that city (

FYI ---- There was a court case in Tennessee last year where a spam company
sued a person to whom they had sent email. Fed-up with unsolicited email,
that person decided to exact revenge by jamming the spammer's email with
several thousand emails of his own .... the company sued him and won damages
on the grounds that he maliciously interfered with their business.

Geoff Black

>>Perhaps another idea is for ALL of us to e-mail them and tell them to GO