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Re: Questions about multicultural art

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:03:49 -0500

We did that last year. I'm not teaching right now,but last year we did
different countries. We had about 3 weeks. I came into the regular
classroom (K) with three other people. Ours was on Mexico.We brought
thimgs from home that were handed down or from there. Books Dolls
Jewelry boxes A print even food was included.We read books in spanish
and English Popped a Pinata AND I had them make an Aztec Calander
charade game. I also presented three Artist's Rivera,Khalo and
Tamayo. We made sugar skulls and made our Aztec warrior masks shield
and costume. There is so much more we didn't do Shakers,Retablos
etc. I would have liked to do. Other parents came in and did
Africa,Germany,France,Japan and China and also Sweden. It was a lot of
fun. Everyone was encouraged to participate and join in. We also had a
lunch together for each of the countries presented where the kids got to
help make the food. They really enjoyed it.

It wasn't part of Art class it was in addition too. So it helped to work
closely with teachers and I do try to correlate Art and their studies
together as much as I can.


Glennis Dolce wrote:
> This is my first post on this subject and I admit to not reading all of
> the posts since time is a factor and this topic has not been germane to
> my area of interest-but here goes..
> WHy not organize a day/week dedicated to multicultural arts and ask
> parents from these different ethnic backgrounds to do a little
> "homework" and come in to present some arts and crafts that relate to
> their heritage? (My kids always relish bringing home homework for Mom!
> Give points/tickets/ whatever to those kids who get their parents to
> participate) If this does not work for you why not ask the kids to
> bring in something they have from home that represents an art or craft
> from their ethnic background.
> The more you can involve the parents in the matter of multicultural
> learning, you will find less resistance from those who are inclined to
> do so.
> glennis