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RE: The importance of the arts to learning.

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Fields, Linda (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:24:29 -0500

Hi Reatha! Yes, I think they do need a picture. At my school we are very
technology oriented as well as "career path plan" focused. (Frankly, I
think 9th grade is a little young to decide on a career path) At any
rate, kids are supposed to plan their class choices-especially
electives-based on the career paths they have chosen. (The idea is that
too many kids graduate from high school and/or college with lots of
courses but few skills with which to get a job) Anyway....after much
fussing and fuming on my part about the fact that the arts were not
being recognized as either academic or vocational (basically ignored as
to importance), we got a teacher in charge (an Industry Education
Coordinator) and a principal, who acknowledged the arts and their
importance for career potential. I made a long list of art-related
careers and all the tech schools, colleges, and universities in the area
that offer art courses. (There are 7 here in town) and put them out for
students and parents. The IEC also took the system's career clusters and
added arts electives to the list where appropriate. So-maybe there's a
little hope out there. On the other hand, don't some of "them" think
arts people and Martians are one and the same???
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> I would just like to point out that if it is jobs that drive the
> curriculum,
> there are thousands of jobs in the arts. Why in this world do people
> not make
> the connection between Broadway, the gigantic film industry, the
> humongous
> music industry, advertising, animation, book illustration,etc., and
> the arts
> classes that they could be taking in school. Do they need us TO DRAW
> PICTURE?! Who do they think does those jobs? Martians?!
> Reatha