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RE: book illustrations

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Fields, Linda (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 11:02:21 -0500

Maybe it's time for Kirby to see the principal or higher-up about
establishing a media advisory committee. We have one at my school
comprised of teachers from all subject areas. Every teacher who requires
students to see a video, picture, book, etc. that may be "questionable"
to someone, submits it to the committee. If the committee deems it
"questionable" then we view it, study it, etc. to determine whether or
not it legitimately fits with our standard courses of study. If it does,
fine-and the teacher will be backed up by the system if it is
questioned. If it is deemed not appropriate, then the teacher has to
make a choice, but, if challenged, may not be supported. Fortunately,
our media specialist invited those of us who are outspoken to serve on
the committee. It seems to me that you could challenge the fact that
your librarian refused the book on her " Christian values." Does that
mean that a Buddhist or Jewish librarian could remove books on
Renaissance art or The Bible from her shelves?
I guess the south is not the only Bible Belt! Linda in NC

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> I am surprised. I think as long as it wasn't in the
> children's section it would be fine. Not that I feel that the kids
> shouldn't see it but parents should be able to make the choice. Is she
> able to do that in a Public Library? sounds like you should talk to
> the
> head Librarian or Head of that office. If you feel strongly talk to
> your
> representitive in your district. If all else fails contact your
> Congressman. After all you are paying him. Where do you live?
> Sandra
> Kirby McDowell wrote:
> >
> > last week a librarian where i teach took a book on michelangelo
> > off the shelf, because it contained nudity (sistine chapel murals)
> > when we tried to explain the need and value of such a book, she
> > said her "christian values" forbade such pictures. we told her
> > that these paintings are on public display in a catholic church,
> > but she didn't seem to care about anything but her "bible thumping
> > attitude".... pea brained in the mid-west.
> > Any suggestions from you all out there ???
> >
> > On Sat, 28 Mar 1998 07:50:33 -0700 Ruth Wilson <RWilson>
> > writes:
> > >What do you do with pictures in books that are not appropriate for
> > >elementary age children to see but you still want them to use the
> > >book?
> > >Many art history books seem to get put away because of this. Ruth
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
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