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Personal Message to Bob Greaves Re: Christian Values

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Katherine Giltinan (k.giltinan)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 22:28:20 -0600

Sorry to have to send this to the entire list. It is intended ONLY as a
response to Bob's earlier post. I could not send to the return address in
Austraila - for some silly cyber-reason. Yet, I felt called to respond. So
PLEASE disregard this message, unless you are Bob Greaves.

"Christian Values" is an often mis-used phrase. Hate is not a Christian
value. Narrow-mindedness is not a Christian value

You wrote:
"If Christian really meant following the teachings of the enlightend
humanitarian Jesus..."
'Christian' does mean just that!! Of course, we call Jesus, in addition to
'elightened' and 'humanitarian', the son of God, Emmanuel (God With Us) and
Savior. There are many, many Christian individuals. We're all human and
some are narrow-minded.

Like you, we all make mistakes. I would appreciate an apology - to the
entire readership!- from you for one you made today.
I was hurt and offended by your subject heading. My belief, as a
Christian, is that God's name should never be taken in vain. If you have
any understanding of multi-culturalism, you would respect the Christians on
this list enough not to intentionally offend or insult us.

I don't know what Kirby said that you've responded to because I don't read
his posts. It would surprise me if he had put his finger on much of any
consequence, though. He has only shown ignorance and cruelty in the past.
That's why I don't read his posts. Those aren't really characteristics I'd
associated with YOU.

If your argument is with "Narrow minded people", then you'll include more
than just Christians. The narrow-minded are found among every creed, all
religions and every occupation (even art teachers).