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RE: About Art Teacher Training.....

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Jerry Hendel (hendel)
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:24:43

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I couldn't have said it better. I didn't have art ed. in el. school. I
did have a lot of it in junior and senior high. I feel I'm a composite of
all of the resources that you mentioned. I am still a work in progress.
Thank you for putting it so well.

Anne C-H

>>I would like to know if the training art educators get is the basis for
>>their curriculum in the classroom or if teachers fall back on their
>>training that they recieved as students k-12. to what degree does training
>>really carry into the class? am interested in liturature on this subject
>>as well.
>Hi...brugoose. This question caught my brought up a very
>intriquing thought.
>Growing up in a small southern town, I never had an art class from K-12th
>grade. My first big art class was my first day in college. You can imagine
>my uncontrolled excitement!
>If you had asked me about art curriculum training many years ago when I was
>a clueless beginning teacher, I would have probably fibbed to you and told
>you I learned everything at the univ. so you would have thought I knew all
>the important stuff I needed to know. Ha! The truth...told that I
>knew next to nothing to begin teaching in the classroom. Oh, I had the
>traditional, required art histories up the wah-zoo, 2 methods courses which
>were just little studio projects, and all the grand studio art I had room
>to pack into my over-stuffed schedule but...curriculum training? I don't
>think so!
>Where did "I" get all my curriculum ideas and training? Classroom
>management training came straight from on-the-job, get-real exposure (or is
>that...straight from hell?!) as I was plopped into the classroom and left
>totally alone. I learned quickly in order to survive...especially in middle
>school. And I even learned how to get their attention without using a 2x4.
>Nowadays it the "head down, eyes looking up over the granny glasses and
>giving THE LOOK" can cause dead silence.
>Ideas? These came from other art teachers willing to share, tons of
>research at the library, reading ARTS AND ACTIVITIVES and SCHOOL ARTS and
>the like, attending workshops, conventions, visiting lots of other art
>classrooms...and all the while taking my trusty camera everywhere to record
>ideas and samples.
>And today? I'm STILL learning, still researching, always looking for new
>ideas, trying things a new way, always thinking of original ideas taken
>from more established projects, always refining and redefining my
>curriculum, forever changing things. I've never been satisfied enough to
>coast along. I now have (what my principal calls) my huge bag of "tricks".
>It's filled with all I've mentally collected for 30 odd yrs. and I love
>sharing it with other teachers because I usually get new ideas in
>return...just like this listserv.
>AND....I STILL keep a camera in one hand! Cya...
>Bunki Kramer
>Los Cerros Middle School
>968 Blemer Rd.
>Danville, California 94526