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About Art Teacher Training.....

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Bunki Kramer (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:22:21 -0700

>I would like to know if the training art educators get is the basis for
>their curriculum in the classroom or if teachers fall back on their
>training that they recieved as students k-12. to what degree does training
>really carry into the class? am interested in liturature on this subject
>as well.

Hi...brugoose. This question caught my brought up a very
intriquing thought.

Growing up in a small southern town, I never had an art class from K-12th
grade. My first big art class was my first day in college. You can imagine
my uncontrolled excitement!

If you had asked me about art curriculum training many years ago when I was
a clueless beginning teacher, I would have probably fibbed to you and told
you I learned everything at the univ. so you would have thought I knew all
the important stuff I needed to know. Ha! The truth...told that I
knew next to nothing to begin teaching in the classroom. Oh, I had the
traditional, required art histories up the wah-zoo, 2 methods courses which
were just little studio projects, and all the grand studio art I had room
to pack into my over-stuffed schedule but...curriculum training? I don't
think so!

Where did "I" get all my curriculum ideas and training? Classroom
management training came straight from on-the-job, get-real exposure (or is
that...straight from hell?!) as I was plopped into the classroom and left
totally alone. I learned quickly in order to survive...especially in middle
school. And I even learned how to get their attention without using a 2x4.
Nowadays it the "head down, eyes looking up over the granny glasses and
giving THE LOOK" can cause dead silence.

Ideas? These came from other art teachers willing to share, tons of
research at the library, reading ARTS AND ACTIVITIVES and SCHOOL ARTS and
the like, attending workshops, conventions, visiting lots of other art
classrooms...and all the while taking my trusty camera everywhere to record
ideas and samples.

And today? I'm STILL learning, still researching, always looking for new
ideas, trying things a new way, always thinking of original ideas taken
from more established projects, always refining and redefining my
curriculum, forever changing things. I've never been satisfied enough to
coast along. I now have (what my principal calls) my huge bag of "tricks".
It's filled with all I've mentally collected for 30 odd yrs. and I love
sharing it with other teachers because I usually get new ideas in
return...just like this listserv.
AND....I STILL keep a camera in one hand! Cya...

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526