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Re: units

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Thu, 26 Mar 1998 14:21:30 -0500

Just thought I'd add on:I also check with the teachers on what their
units are for the year(some are the same every year) and I can do
similar units in Art. It helps the kids who are visual and understand
things that way to have an Art lesson in the same "Theme".
ie.Health may be doing a unit on Skeletons/human bodys so making a
skeleton or Mummy with exposed skin and bones maybe gross but is a grat
way for them to learn something in 3D that they are studying in 2D.
Also a Paper tracing of their bodies but instead of painting clothes
have them draw and color the organs and attach to the outline so they
can lift open the organs and look underneath.

I'm also glad to hear "multi-cultural" units. I prefer
that term. Whenever anyone talks about bi-racial they always seem to
mean Black/White. There are a lot of us out there who fall under
bi-racial and are not of those to mixes. Art seems to be the one place
that will cover all different cultures. In this day in age it shouldn't
be but Art may be the only place where kids might learn about other
people other than themselvesor their own culture. how boring we would
all be if were all the same.


GoddessPgn wrote:
> i've been pondering a lot of things. in high school, i learned art
> chronologically. i really like this approach. my question is, though, how do
> i make this chronology multi cultural? is there a good resource out there? i
> don't want to seperate my multicultural lessons, i'd like them to blend in to
> show my students the essentiality.. (is that a word?). its kind of like the
> recent talk about handicapped artists.. i find it distasteful to say "oh, now
> we're gonna study the handicapped"... i'm a big favor of inclusion. do you
> guys know what i mean?
> aimee, vcu undergrad.