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Kilns for clay Projects

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Pat Munce (pdmun)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:50:25 -0800

Clay balls between the post and the shelf.

You may never have a warped shelf. I have lots. I use a high fire octagon
kiln for the cone 10 projects. This is a gas kiln and shelves warp over a
short period of time.

If you are only firing in an electric kiln up to cone 04 or 06, you may not
see this problem.

When my shelves start to warp, and I load theM; they tend to be unstable.
I have had them tip over inside the gas kiln once or twice during the
firing. Remember, in a gas kiln there is movement from the flow of air and

The best way to keep this shelf stable is to place a small ball of clay
(the same stuff you are firing) on top of each post. When you place your
shelf down on them, it fills in the warped spot just peachy. However, it
needs a dusting (I keep a small tuna can filled with silica) or rolling in
silica or china clay, etc... anything that does not melt near your top
firing temperature. This keeps its from sticking by accident to the shelf
after firing.

Works slick. Just don't dust YOUR PROJECTS with silica. You will have
pimples of hard silica in the glaze after firing. Kiln acne, I call it.


Pat Munce
Fresno, CA

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