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Re: anger at attachment files

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Maahmaah (Maahmaah)
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:05:26 EST

In a message dated 98-03-24 03:50:33 EST, wkrueger writes:

<< Filling up the hard disc drives of 800 plus computers with unwanted
"attachments" is not fair play in my opinion. Some of us are dealing with
older computers, limited space, etc. We do not relish the sending of
uninvited attachments, obviously intended for one or a few recipients of a
list. >>

Please, If you don't want it to fill up your hard drive, don't download it!
The delete key is to the right on your keyboard. I think it is GREAT to share
info. Some of it has to be downloaded. The last thing we need on this list
is a "rule" on what can and can't be said or done. Even though some of the
posts bug me immensely (: P)
I still look at them with a bit of humor and thank the getty foundation for
making this forum with it's free and open format possible.

I personally do not download things through e-mail unless I know the exact
source, AND the exact source that that source got it from, what kind of file
it is, etc.--kinda like sex--you need to protect yourself if you want to
experiment with multiple partners. If you don't then you are putting your
life (or computer) at risk.