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Re: arists with dissabilities

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susan reynolds (reynolds)
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:48:58 -0800

One of my favorite Art History Docs at USC (and those are the "Fightin'
Gamecocks" not the trojans), John Elliott, gave a HUGE lecture on
Vincent for the "art history major geek squad", of which I was not only
the president but a member, ;D, I do not know how accurate his
information was (as an undergrad one cannot say that, but after
snatching that Art History degree and moving on to grad status one can
say just about anything without fear I am beginning to suspect or at
least hope), but part of his lecture re Vincent, one of his personal
fav's, was about the relationship of Gaugin and Van Gogh... His
research towards his own Ph.D. besides being an Etruscian Mask
specialist, was with Vincent's life. Apparently in his letters to his
brother, all of which the brother's wife was astute enough to hang onto,
as well as Vincen'ts art, was littered with tales of Vincent and G....
Although it was not clear just how close they were, there was besides
the art rivalry, some kind of personal "something" that was not resolved
to a successful conclusion for Vincent. And the "ear" incident had so
many tales attached to it I'm not sure now which has been concluded to
be the truth, but the little lobe cut story was true, but I don't think
anyone really has any proof other than "rumor and speculation" as to the
true reason for the self mutilation by Vincent. I am probably wrong on
all these points and it's probably just like the rest of folk history,
but they were very moving facts if nothing but the facts we saw were
real, and I've been a fan of Vincent Van Gogh since that day.

And I've made more off my art. He is my measuring stick. ;D After I
sold my first big painting, my first thought was, "well Vincent, you
made $80 for the Irises, I made $1500 for the abby. We're are now
equals in my history.


susan reynolds
has a million art history tales in her mind
so tell me to shut up or suffer the brain drain