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RE: HS Art Exhibit Guidelines

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Fields, Linda (
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:02:42 -0500

Hi-I'm glad you brought up the question of "appropriateness." I'm not
entirely sure of the answers to your specific questions, but I am often
in a quandry over this-caught between the concepts of "appropriateness"
and (my intense dislike of ) "censorship." We do not allow students to
wear symbols of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (e.g., on tee shirts) or
things that are blatantly sexual, obscene, or offensive/harrassing in
any other way. Every year, I have students who want to draw marijuana
leaves, sculpt pipes from clay, and so on.I make a blanket announcement
about appropriate/inappropriate subjects, but still there are those who
try to sneak by. I actually have more trouble with this than with
sexually oriented stuff or nudity (and I guess I find it easier to deal
with the sexually oriented stuff). Because it is system policy to avoid
the condoning of the alcohol, etc., I try to avoid anything like that in
public exhibits for my own protection, but sometimes I feel like a
traitor. I'm curious about how the rest of you handle these situations,
especially with high school students.
I do know that my district requires release forms for students
to appear in photos, videos, etc. They get around it by sending home a
blanket form at the beginning of the year to be signed if permission is
not granted, thereby assuming, I guess, that it is if nothing is
returned. I wonder if this would hold up.....??
I'll look forward to responses. Thanks-Linda

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> Subject: HS Art Exhibit Guidelines
> I am looking for school district guidelines regarding
> "appropriateness"
> of high schol artwork in district-sponsored art exhibits. Who
> determines
> what is appropriate/inappropriate in terms
> of content(teachers, principals, district officials)? Is permission
> required for display of photos of any student under the age of 18?
> Under what conditions are principals or district administrators
> allowed to remove work from district-sponsored shows open to the
> public?
> Any existing guidelines in your school districts that address these
> questions would be most helpful.