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Toulouse95 (Toulouse95)
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 06:30:08 EST

It seems that as long as this list is uncensored (thank goodness) there will
be unkind posts to good intentioned individuals. It is a fact I have become
resigned to and I encourage newcomers to do the same. Anyone who is still
reading and/or contributing after any length of time I believe has come to the
same conclusion.

When I read a post written in condescending or rude tones, I immediately
sympathize with the poor students that have to deal with an art teacher like
this every day. What kind of impression are they getting of the arts and
freedom to be creative and expressive? I love this listserv and have gained
much from it, but one of the saddest things I have learned is that apparently
not every art teacher out there is good for kids.

I, too, have gotten flamed out, for the simplest off-hand remarks. Thank
goodness, at 42 and after teaching for 19 years, I have hardened. I just laugh
at the flaming posts to me now (and other criticisms), and share them with my
husband so we both get a laugh. People can be so petty. They must have ulcers
or something from getting all worked up over such trivial things. Just be
thankful you are not "one of those." Oops, here I am labeling people. Sure is
fun. Blast me. I can delete, delete, delete.

Please folks, do not be put off by a few unhappy souls. I encourage you to
ignore comments that are obviously meant to sting. These people that openly
criticize another participant to the entire list are looking for an audience
to show what an awesome (awful) bully they are The insulting, ill tempered
people don't deserve to think they have gotten to you. I have found either
ignoring them or killing them with kindness are usually the best approaches.
Don't run. Haven't we all counciled students who have been disheartened by a
negative person and told them to shrug it off and go on? Remember that the
large majority of the people reading these posts are appalled by the rude

I encourage everyone to continue to share your ideas to the list despite the
loud mouthed few. This list gives us plenty of ways to spout off without doing
it to each other. We all have a lot to share and learn. Too many folks have
been run off by rude behavior, but if everyone who receives a nasty reply
leaves the list, look who will be left! What a sad demise for such a wonderful

Beating that poor, dead, proverbial horse,
Mary Jane