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Re: Green hair freedom

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Wdtren (Wdtren)
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 00:35:15 EST

An honest and important point of view yours is. I try out interesting and
different points of view from mine (by the way, if you haven't guessed from my
tone, my point of view is different from yours) by taking them to thier

You say Ms. Sauls is misguided, that she should not wear her hair green. I
assume you would also say that we all should tow the line on the American
Dream, teach that all of us can attain whatever we want if, gall darn it to
heck, we simply work hard enough.

Gosh, I would wish all my students believed they could attain whatever height
they wished if they only worked hard enough if (ififififififif) that were even
close to the truth. Sure, in the USofA the dream of self-determination can be
more easily realized than almost anywhere inthe world for most of us, but the
likelihood of that dream's realization varies according to many ethnic and
class features. Read Lies My Teacher Told Me.

Back to the issue of whether Ms. Sauls should wear her hair green, I am glad
I had teachers at Burris High School in Muncie, Indiana (any other Burris
Brats out there?), who taught as I believe you would have taught me. The
ethos of Americanism is intricately webbed by your can-do philosophy. But I
am equally glad I had teachers who showed me how ethnicism and classism are
tied up in that web as well. I, who did not have a stellar high school
career, was sophisticated enough during my tender high school years to make
room for both kinds of teachers.

Ms. Sauls, proclaim your freedom proudly with your green hair or your art or
your words. Teach your charges what you have to teach them. Mr. Foerch, you
teach what you have to teach. And our students will be the richer for both of
your influences.

Doug Trenfield
English Teacher
Lopez Academy for the Fine Arts
4750 S. Dakato Ave.
Brownsville, Texas 78521