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susan reynolds (reynolds)
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 20:36:38 -0800

Well now.

I am new to your list, and so far none of you know me other than a few
notes so this carries the weight of the "newbie".

I am an artist. I am an oil painter primarily. I also have 3 grown
daughters. When my youngest turned 18 years old she immediately cut her
hair in the back (which could still be worn long to cover her
"expressionism") and dyed it pink.

She then had a tongue piercing which included a small barbell.

I fainted.

She explained.

"Mom. I don't do drugs. I don't have sex, I'm saving myself for myself
and the man I hope to marry. I know when and if I want to and feel like
sex in imminent, you will be the first I come to for advice. You have
taught me to be what I am. An individual. I am confident, intelligent,
I get nothing but A's. I think for myself. I am not stupid. I have
faith. I am everything you hoped I would be as an adult. I love you
more than life."

"This is the way I can show the world, this and these slightly baggy
pants, that there is more to me than the goody two shoes I wear as a
label now. It is my own art. My body is my temple and I've decided to
decorate the temple the way you decorated yours in the 60's. Remember
the Beatle cut graduation pic?..... I love you Mom, and the trust you
have in me is well founded. Now get over the barbell and the pink hair,
it's for my own generation, not to shock yours."

I never said another word, and to this day smile whenever I'm gagging.
She is now a sophmore at the U of T and a graphic artist. The barbell
remains, the hair is now a black pageboy and the pants are baggier. She
is engaged to a wonderful boy she grew up with, another graphic
artist/cable guy and they are very happily pursuing their college
careers as artists.

susan reynolds
granny grad/mother to the stars/artist in the cave
Happy Spring to the list. Snow today in PA.

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