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Re: Change of topic-what kinda artist are you?

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 09:11:28 -0500

Maahmaah wrote:
> In a message dated 98-03-20 14:01:41 EST, astroboy writes:
> Please respond to these Questions:
> What kind of Artist are you? ie Painter/ceramics etc<<
> I myself have
> wondered what everyone does. For the real regulars on this list: I can almost
> picture you in your classrooms. I see the different styles of teaching you
> prefer, views on discipline, etc. I too have been wondering if any of you are
> practicing artists and in what medium.
Dear Lee and all others,
Hi, I guess I should respond since I suggested it.
Well I'm going to be 37 in september. Probably the only woman who adds
the next year to six months to her age.I have to boys ages 4&7.
I am a painter primarily I work with watercolor and Acrylics and the
now extinct Spectracolor pencils. My size is around 10Lx12W.
However before kids I painted murals,I worked in oils etc.
I have a very old degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Anyone else
out there? I graduated in '83 if it helps.Oh I was in
I went to highschool in NY and had the opportunity to go to the
Metropolitan Art Museum 2 times a week to draw for Art class. Also
was able to go to the Art Students League there during '76-'79
anyone else?
I tend to go towards rebellious Artist.(and Musicians).
Anyway my range is wide. As a conservative highschool student I prefered
Michelangelo and the traditional style.It was starting to change but I
didn't know that at the time. After meeting more Modern Artists and
Red Grooms included and going to Art School I expanded.
I love the book and drawings of Pollock in "the psychoanalytical
drawings of Jackson Pollock".I like Picasso and Tamayo,Hiroshige and
Khalo.Many,Many more.I was lucky in that my Painting instructure at
College was Warren Rosser. He was a non-Traditional Painter.
In the style of Jasper Johns. He worked with Hot wax Popsickle sticks
Tempera and made very geometric large paintings.
I was able to see people I didn't care for Niewald who at the time was
our head of painting department. Ken Furgesson was head of Ceramics. He
had a good friend who'd came to town quite often
Peter Volkus. Who also had a gallery there with Jim Leedy who was a
sculpture instructure.At the time Dale Eldred was head of Sculpture.
Lots of other people too.
I'd say my peers and what was happening at the time was what shaped me.
I had a good friend at the time who was and still is a Jazz Musician. A
good friend of his was Sun RA who when came to town would stop by and
see us. I have old drawings of him somewhere. I guess although I don't
own a house and don't have a lot of money we are
lucky because we have vast experience.My husband and I met in college
(he was in Design) we've been married 10 years on April Fools.

He's been doing Highend Computer Animation for the past 8 years.
Unfortunatly this is our 6th move in 7 1/2 years.We hope we can stay
here although severe Cultural deprivation. I won't go into John's story
because thats just as long.
My future goals include:Working on Illustrations for a children's
book,Painting,I'd like to open a creative Art Center
and I'd like to open a Developmental and creative Preschool.One which
merged Art discipline with a developmental program.I have Ideas I don't
want to share. Right now I'm really into William Joyce. Children's book
Illustrator. Of course battling a 4 year old(as of 2 weeks ago) dirty
laundry ,messy house and volunteer work leaves me almost no time to
paint. I'm also not working (which is a laugh since we all know a
woman's work is never done HAHA)We also must go on with our collection
of toys,Japanese books and toys and books.

Hope someone can relate,