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Pop Art

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Eggplant49 (Eggplant49)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 21:56:46 EST

To Ann Pop Art lesson is really loved by the 6th graders...we study
Claes Oldenburg and his commonplace, vastly enlarged sculptures...we look at
Andy Warhol's multiple images and I try to establish the facts that these
artists were commenting about society and its "throw-away' fast food nature,
etc. (one of my big pushes is to get the kids to realize artists do not work
in a vacumn...that they reflect and comment on society) Other artists we may
look at are Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, Jim Dine, etc. ...Anyway, we list
the commonalities of the Pop Art we look at - large size, common, everyday
objects, opposite materials (ex. Oldenburg's drum set made out of
canvas...real floppy). I tell the kids to select an everyday object (NOT a
smiley face...or something trite)...they sketch it and I approve it . Most of
the kids bring in the actual object- a Skittles package, a dollar bill, a
crayola box, etc....then they use the big 36" bulletin board paper or the
largest construction paper and make their object really large. They cut out for the front, one for the back...they add details (I really like cut
paper, but sometimes they can use paint or markers also). glue everything
down,..they staple the edges...leaving a few inches open to stuff
(carefully!!!!) with small wads of newspaper...staple the opening and I hang
them from the ceiling. They are really cool and everyone loves them! Right now
I have a strawberry, orange, a battery, Elmer's glue bottle, huge pair of
earrings, paint palette, dollar bill, quarter-pounder with cheese, and a
Hershey's kiss ...and many more hanging. They are really fun. The average one
takes about 5 or 6 40 minute periods............ Hope this is clear?! Any
questions...please write!