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Re: Researching Digital Camera use

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MichaelDelahunt (MichaelDelahunt)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 17:10:31 -0700,Internet writes:


I'm looking for information on the digital camera and it's=20

uses from the perspective of the Art Educator. Specific usage

tips would be extremly interesting to report to a classroom

of future art educators. If you have used a digital camera in

your classroom please respond. The question was raised as to=20

how the increased use of this device might effect the=20

darkroom photography program. Will the direct linking capability

to a computer diminish use of wet process photography?

Diane Gronas,

I'm a 1-6 gr art teacher who doesn't teach photography per se. But I starte=
d using my school's digital camera four years ago, especially in order to a=
dd photos to Web pages about my program. It's been great for that.=20

I just bought a new Philips ESP2 digital camera for =24400 for use in my cl=
assroom. I keep it in my pocket or in my desk so that it's always at the re=
ady. With a digital camera I feel more spontaneous about shooting pictures =
knowing I don't have to worry about wasting film on mediocre shots=21 After=
buying the camera, the only expense is in batteries. And not having a dark=
room, I'm delighted that I can manipulate the pictures with my computer.

My story doesn't directly respond to your query, but my suspicion is that u=
se of digital photography will greatly diminish use of wet process photogra=
phy. Just as there are photographers who use the wet collodion, and even da=
guerreotype processes, there will always be a certain interest in using the=
chemicals and enlargers, etc., but digital photography will simply get mor=
e and more accessible (=24), powerful (number and quality of pictures), and=
easy to control (hardware and software), as all technologies generally do.=
At the elementary and high school levels, I think that within 10 years, us=
e of digital photography will occupy 90-95% of most K-12 photography progra=
ms. Anyone interested in developing facility with traditional materials and=
techniques then will be able to find college level training. And frankly, =
with the dominance of digital, as much as I love traditional photography, I=
don't think anyone has reason to miss much that's TRULY FUNDAMENTAL to pho=

=5BI stand ready for a barrage of criticism=21=5D

Michael Delahunt

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