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Re: Andy Warhol on E!

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John M. Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 14:06:14 -0500

Dear Monkey,
We are getting rather adventurous aren't we. I'll be the first to say
brave. How could you do Warhol and not be controversal. I'm sure you
will have some or many parents nipping at your heels on this one. I am
not a prude. I think it would be fabulous. But in case you are worried
you could instead do a factory party or environment. Since Warhol did
live in his own environment as well. The kids could make
costumes ie soupcans etc. Be sure and Have Velvet underground music
playing. For awhile he had aluminum foil cover every aspect of his
factory space.Maybe someone could video it and also have looped tapes
going on audio and film strips projected slanted on the walls.
I am not sure if I saw the E show. I did see a documentary on him
recently. It might have been that it also might have been Biography.
I'm sure you've found out a lot about him. Sounds like fun. I guess if
you do it you might want to run it by administration I know that kind of
ruins it. I don't know what your laws are or school system says. I guess
in this day in age we shouldn't be so protective with sex
and teens. Emphasize how times have changed and how STD's can kill.
So check out also "the Velvet Underground" book which was the band
Warhol started for his factory.Lou Reed,Maureen Tucker, Sterling
Morrison and John Cale. Also have you seen the Warhol web.

Good luck,

Monkey wrote:
> Did anyone happen to see the recent E! True Hollywood Story on Andy
> Warhol? It was a 2 hour documentary of his life that gets rather
> intimate and touches on some controversial personal elements such as
> homosexuality and drugs. As a high school art teacher, I am considering
> showing the video to my art classes. The major question I have is if it
> would be appropriate for and valuable to the students. Andy Warhol is
> without a doubt one of the most important artists of this century. But
> all too often it seems a closer look at the person behind the art brings
> pain and darkness that society would like to gloss-over or overlook
> Interestingly enough, I had a college English professor who felt it was
> important to reveal the artists behind the work (in this case, the
> artists were writers). I was really surprised at what controversial
> people these authors were, yet in my own schooling their writing was
> presented without mention of these important yet conveniently overlooked
> personal elements. It's kind of like the glossy image of history that's
> been painted on the American psyche, such as with Christopher Columbus'
> "discovery" of America. We were never taught about the racist thought
> involved, which might make Columbus look a little more like Hitler (a
> great book on the ways history has been "glossed" is A People's History
> of the United States by Howard Zinn).
> If anyone else caught the E! documentary, is this something you would
> show your classes?
> If you didn't see the Warhol special, I'd be interested in seeing a
> discussion considering these questions:
> 1. How much of the truth is appropriate to include in our public
> schools?
> 2. What are your guidelines for censorship?