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Re: Art Textbooks (Elem. level)

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MichaelDelahunt (MichaelDelahunt)
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 16:12:18 -0700

<bold>,Internet writes:

....</bold><x-quoted> any of you use textbooks (all the time, part of the t=
ime, supplementary)

for elem. art classes?


Actually this is probably all for nothing - it would probably take

forever to order enough of these, unless I ordered no other supplies.

But I'm curious anyway - maybe if I ordered one teacher's text for each

grade, it would help ME - what do you think? =20

Before any of you suggest curriculum sources, let me explain that I need

=22how-to's=22 in many cases, as well as =22what to do's=22.


There are several publishers who've put out series of texts for elementary =
art programs. They each come with teachers editions and either printed or s=
lide reproductions.=20

I've never felt I could justify purchasing entire class sets, but I have gr=
adually collected single copies of student and teacher editions and printed=
reproductions. These are terrific resources for lessons designed for speci=
fic levels, sequenced, and intended to satisfy the range of objectives mand=
ated by various standards. Look at the most appealing lessons as presented =
in the student text and as presented in the teacher's manual, and customize=
them to suit your situation. Take ideas from every source you find=21 The =
ideas you can get from student art shows, art ed magazines, ArtsEdNet, etc.=
, are many and varied, but generally not so thoroughly organized as these =
sets of texts.

I recommend you speak to someone in your district's administration to get l=
eads about which publishers to contact for further info, prices, etc. Perha=
ps another resource would be the =22professional library=22 of the universi=
ty art ed program nearest you. The best way to see them all is probably to =
visit the vendors' booths at a state or national meeting of NAEA.

Michael Delahunt

1-6 art at Sonoran Sky Elem, Scottsdale, AZ

& <bold><italic>ArtLex</bold></italic> - dictionary of visual art at <<http=

for art production, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art educati=

You'll find articles on over 2,500 art terms, including definitions, illust=
rations, great quotes, and links to other resourses.

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