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long awaited resume info

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amanda clarke (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 16:54:57 -0600 (CST)

Sorry it took so long to get back to all of you, but life keeps
interfering with my schedule.

Anyways, here it goes:

This information was given to me from the person in charge of hiring for
the Omaha Public School Distric. It may not apply to all schools.

Your resume should include:
-social security number
-nick names i.e. my given name is Amanda, but my friends call me
-maiden name
-permanent address and current or temporary address - you may move
before they have a chance to get a hold of you.
-where you graduated from
-other things you have done - volunteer positions. These should
relate to working with children.
-special honors and awards
-GPA is NOT, I repeat NOT necessary. It is included in you
-student teaching experiences. This should include your
responsibilities during student teaching, where, and what grades you
-specialty or emphasis - Do you have your BFA in a certain area of

You should keep your resume to one page. Fancy borders and papers are not
necessary. Include a letter of interest only if you do not have an
application. If you do write a letter of interest, keep it simple.

When you are called for an interview, bring a copy of your resume with
you. You should also bring copies to career fairs to hand to prospective

After the interview, make sure you say, "Thank You for you time." If
possible get their business card. Why? Well, we were told to send a
written thank you as well. The business card provides you with the
correct spelling of the interviewers name and the address.

In case you are wondering about including references on your resume. If
you have room left on you one page, you can try. However, it is best to
write, "References available upon request."

You may include a list of your hobbies on you resume. Make sure they are
relevant to the positions for which you are applying. For instance, my
hobbies are quilting and photography. These are art related activities.

I do not have much information on including past work experiences. She
said it would only come up if you had a time lapse unaccounted for on your
application. They may ask you what you were doing for "x" months during

Interviewing tips:

She said they are looking for those who had positive student teaching
experiences. They want to hear all about your wonderful time teaching.
She said she can usually tell if someone is excited about teaching from
listening to the person talk about it.

She focuses on your body language, does it relate to what you are saying
or does it contradict every word you say?

Do you have any experience with computers and technology? This is a major
selling point in your favor if you do, if you don't get it.

Multi-cultural issues are important. Can you teach a multi-cultural

How would you get parents more involved in their children's education?

Those are some questions you may encounter during the interview.

Well, I hope this helps you out. I apologize for taking so long to post
this info.

Good luck to all who are ready for this step.


PS anymore questions let me know.

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