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Re: Latin American Art

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John M. Barrick (astroboy)
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 13:05:23 -0500

Latin American Art is so flexible. From red clay pots to weaving,ponchos
dolls,Carved out gord bowel which are dried and then a design is
scratched into, jewelry,Sugar skulls and Corn husk dolls. There are so
many things you can do with so many ages,and a lot more I haven't
mentioned. I don't know if this is something set up in the Gym with
different booths set up for different countries.One thing prevlent is
the countries of Latin America are not as dependent on buying toys to
entertain or able to spend money as we are. Many of their items around
the house are hand made. I'm not trying to offend anyone. I am half
Mexican so keep it in mind.
Three Artists I've done projects on are Diego Rivera-A group Mural
Project,Frieda Khalo-Self portrait Painting and Rufino Tamayo-
An Artist who was heavily influenced on his Mayan culture. I have also
done strictly Spanish culture projects. One is (I don't have it near me
so the spelling is wrong)moula designs.These are very colorful animal
pictures which you can look up to get ideas and samples. We made
T-shirts.I used fabric crayons on T-shirts.However embroidery would look
nice also and would be more authentic.Another project would be Gord
bowels.Scrape the inside of a gord out (ie Butternut squash).Dry the
gord very well. When it has been dried use an exact tool or other tool
which is sharp to carve in designs around the sides.Let dry then paint
some areas of lines or remain natural. Dry to rock hard.
A gift which I give to friends and My Sons teachers and classmates
every year are wrap Dolls.It's kind of a long project. So e-mail me if
you want the instructions.ANother Idea is printing.
Using the thin foam from the craft store.You cut the design out.
We use symbols but any design would do. Then we glued it to a piece of
foam board(I've also seen it attached to empty film canisters as
handles.)we press onto an inkpad and then on paper.You can make scrolls
banners etc. or use it with paint carefully.So many things and a whole
lot more.
Good luck,
hendel wrote:
> We have a schoolwide theme this year--Around the World in 180 days. We have spent about 6 weeks in various continents. This has been good for me, because it has addressed some of my weak areas of knowledge, and forced me to seek out information. Soon we will be in Latin America. A weak area for me! Any ideas?
> Anne C-H