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Re: art and technology

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Pygment (Pygment)
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 11:18:21 EST

In a message dated 98-03-16 00:48:43 EST, astroboy writes:

<< He said you can get it through Adobe
and a school would probably get a sizable discount.You would have to
track them down. He said they should have a Web on the internet. >>

Adobe Photoshop is of the industry standards. And you will
receive a sizable price cut if you buy the academia version. It is roughly
$350 less, but you are not intitled to any updates.

I have reservations recommending it, though, and it's not because of the
software quality. Photoshop is, in my mind, the best. But having worked with
several Photo programs, and having taught at all levels at one time or
another, I would keep in mind what grade level you are purchasing it for. If
you are acquiring this software for use with high school students, especially
those who might have had a photography course or two, be assured that you will
be giving them some REAL job skills by learning how to use this program.
However, if you are purchasing it for use with sixth graders, I might look
towards a more "user friendly" program. It takes some time to learn how to
use Photoshop, and I have even seen adults begin to look lost in training
classes for the software. If this is for Junior High students, might I
recommend Kai's Photo Soap. You can get some very nice effects with this, and
emphasize the sequencing of processing a digital image.

On the illustration end, I would recommend MetaCreation's Dabbler for Junior
High. It's a step above the basic paint programs, and can allow the artist to
create some special effects. For High School, there's Adobe
Illustrator...high tech, and again, gives the students an idea of what it's
like to work in the current graphics art market.

Deb Meier-Sprague
Batavia City Schools
Batavia, NY

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