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Re: Kids Selfesteem

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John M. Barrick (astroboy)
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 15:10:05 -0500

Hi,after reading below I thought of something which the kids always
loved. In Art Lit I would leave a Disposable camera in our Box to
document projects as we did them. I also had a Bulletin board which I
would change monthly Part was for Art Lit and another Part documented
the classes. Sometimes it would have fun games. ie When we did African
Culture we made seed Bean Masks,in the kindergaten class I had them hold
it up and took a picture of them .Then I posted it on the bulletin board
and posed the questions,Who are they? The kids had fun guessing or they
could write in who they thought they were.
I never have had an Art room persay so I moved around.All of you
though which are lucky enough could document with a real camera (lock it
up if you need)I'd let the older kids take a picture or 2 if they asked
permission.It is always great to document the kids really do feel proud
of their accomplishments and a sense of pride in knowing you care enough
about them to be interested.(The pictures can also be used for Art Fair
Day). You'd be surprised if you went to their homes and found out how
many parents don't care about their Art work or would just throw it
away.(I also had Artist of the month so everyone would have a chance
putting up their work.)
Once I had a parent do that. A student had worked really hard on
her work and did'nt want to take it home. Come to find out her Mom
always threw her Art Work in the garbage if she brought it home. I
talked to her Mom and she really didn't realize what message it was
saying to her daughter. Her daughter told her it made her feel like she
wasn't worth anything because she loved Art and her Mom threw her stuff
away so she must not love her. Anyway they compromised and the Daughter
started a folder at school for her most prize possessions and could also
put one thing up at home.Her Mom stopped throwing her work out without
asking and started appreciating Art.So you never know whats going on at
home and kids and parents still don't always communicate. It's always a
good idea to meet the parents if you can even just to say hi.

So now I've moved to Cincinnati and am not working and chatting with
you folk.Anyone in the Area need an Art teacher contact me by my e-mail


Ruth Wilson wrote:
> I agree the ideas i have found from this listserv are outstanding and
> have improved my teaching! a special thanks for the ceramics idea of
> forming rocks, sculpting an animal to place on top and carving it out to
> form a container . my 5th. and 6th. graders loved this project. one 5th.
> grade boy has been having trouble getting anything done at school (his
> dad left his family), in art he made the best piece. his teacher was
> amazed. also, i know a lot of art teachers do this but it has always
> been a sucess for me and my 6th. graders: map out a magazine picture of
> an animal (8x11) in 1" block graph form, then have the kids plot out a
> 1" graph on white paper to match in size. then draw the picture one
> block at a time ( if hard, have them turn it upside down), draw the
> contour lines only. copy the original picture on a photocopy machine
> black and white, then have kids follow the grid again to add shading. at
> this age giving them a method to learn to draw is what they seem to
> really appreciate. Ruth