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Re: 6th grade painting lesson?

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Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:19:39 EST

How about a color wheel mandala? I have used this with my 10th grade students
several times, but it certainly could be adapted to 6th grade. Using
compasses, protractors, etc. draw a circle 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Divide
into twelve sections, then draw two smaller circles inside this larger one.
Students can then design shapes radiating from the center of the circle which
create interesting kalediscope type designs as they intersect and overlap.

Using tempera paints, map out their colors on the color wheel, beginning with
the primaries. In each section, they paint the pure color in the outer
circle, in the middle circle shapes, they paint tints of the color using white
and the color, and in the inner circle, they paint shades of the color adding
black. It is easier if they paint only one pieshaped segment at a time to get
the full impact of understanting that color and what happens when they make
tints and shades of that color. Repeating this with each primary, then the
secondaries and finishing with the more complicated intermediate colors
results in a wonderful "radially" balanced color wheel. We use black and
white patterns in borders around the edge of the outer circle. This is a time
consuming project, but produces wonderful results and students understand a
lot more about mixing colors.

Good luck!

Judie J