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Re: Re: Seventh Grade Ceramics

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RWFiske (RWFiske)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 19:27:11 EST

Dear Lynda,

Having read much of the destroyed artwork discussion and experienced some
pretty destructive individuals K-12 (most of them in fifth grade), I think the
issue here is one of who's on top. It needs to be the art teacher but if the
classroom teachers aren't involved and the administration isn't either, you're
REALLY on your own. I remember one elementary school which, when I sent hard
core cases to the office, the principal talked briefly with them, gave them
candy and sent them back to class! Needless to say, didn't work. My sense is
if this is the way it is for you, this is the way it for the classroom
teachers too.

Anyone in my class (I'm at middle school now) who did what you mentioned would
be called to task by me, sent out with accompanying written testimony to the
dean's office and my automatic (although, granted many times useless) phone
call would go to the parent/guardian. There have been times when I thought it
was useless to do all this until what happened was that a paper trail began to
follow the student and the accumulation of evidence caused alarm. DOCUMENT
EVERYTHING--dates, times, quotes, observations, etc.--just write it all down.
I believe we have to be clear about what sexual harassment is and how it will
be treated. If the administration is not running point on this issue, I
personnally, feel compelled to do so myself. Please do not ignore what you
believe is wrong--I think you are right and believe many others do too. Have
faith. Take heart. You are not alone.

Kathy Fiske