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Re: Seventh Grade Ceramics

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Lynda Brothers Matthew (brosart)
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:24:56 -0800


What a great idea, except for me I would do the hand positions in drawing
for 5th grade, a) because of grade level, and b) because I have no sink,
therefore can't do clay. But I have just started a few kids learning to use
their own hand as a model and practice drawing hands.

Another question for everyone: I am the one who started the discussion
about destroyed artwork. And I do have some very big problem kids. Last
week we were doing continual line drawing and I had two kids in each class
who volunteered to stand up and be a model for the same. We are then going
on to wire line drawings, both faces and animals, that we will hang as
mobils, but I have a few kids in one class that really ruin it for the
rest. They think it's funny to draw a female model (of course with the
normal baggy clothes on) full frontal,(though thye are sitting looking at
her by the side) and adding breasts, etc. You get the drift, I'm sure. And
then holding it up for the mortified volunteer, and the others to go into
peels of laughter. Are they too young to do this? Should I forget about
gesture drawings and human form, and just do still life and perspective, etc?

While I teach art, the teachers are getting their hour of planning time, so
it is really inconvient for "some" if I send the kid back to his/her room
and have the teacher take care of it. Some teachers are more accomodating
and tell the class that I can send them ALL back if I have any problems. I
just feel really bad that the disruption keeps me from working with the
ones that are really serious. I know this is a simular thread that we were
discussing before, but in two days I will be going back with that class and
working with the wire. The way the class acts, I'm afraid someone will get
their eye poked out or something because they are so impossible! And what
do you do when they make non-appropriate stuff? Do you send them to the
office, (a slap on the hand and their back in 5 minutes looking smug) or
send them back to the teacher? I don't get the opportunity to talk to the
perents since I'm only there 2 days a week, and from what I hear from the
teachers, the kids that are trouble, seldom do their parents even return
teacher's calls.

And another question out of curiosity. I am an artist-in-residence, so no
credential. When you guys get your credentials for art education, do you do
a lot of classes on classroom management? Or does your administration at
the school set up a consistent rule base. I find that each class is totally
different. One day I turned out the lights to get attention and the noise
level didn't change, whereas in another class, dead silence happened.
Wouldn't it be better that all the classes were the same from K-%?