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Stubby / Asian brush painting

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Diane L. (mselle)
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 21:13:30 -0500

One way to teach asian brush painting on the elementary level is to have
supplies ready, bamboo brushes, liquid sumi-e ink, and non-absorbant
(shinny rice paper) the absorbant paper is too difficult for new comers)
Students should have a peice of newsprint paper under rice paper to absorb
and excess water from brush. hand out very small amts of ink ( a couple of
drops in a small container) hand out small containers of water, 1/4cup.
tack up a piece of paper on black board or bulletin in front of class.
Assuming you know how to handle ink and brush, Demonstrate the following:
>From the Four Gentlemen ( the four seasons)
Bamboo - summer
Orchid - spring
Chrysanthmum -fall
plum blossom - winter

do one per lesson. first demonstrate. have them watch.
then have them paint with you. As you do the stroke they do it. Sort of
like painting with Bob Ross. explain that the compostion is simple and off
center in Asian art. When they are finished tell them to bring the work up
to you forming a line. When you get the work you write their name
vertically at an approprate spot in the compostion, in fine black marker
giving it an Asian appearance of calligraphy. ( if you have a red stamp
such as a small insect, you can pretend it is a seal, or chop (Asian
signature stamp) and stamp near their name.) upon returning to their seats,
while waiting for you to finish up with the rest of the students, they
are permitted to do free painting in Asian manner using the newspring or
other available paper. You need to do this because they might destroy the
painting if they put their own name on it rice paper is fragile, and if
they don't have a name on it you and probably them also won't be able to
tell them apart. When class is over, mount them on black construcion
paper, precut, one inch border is fine. You can use staples. pardon the
spelling and grammer in a hurry. Sincerely, Diane L.

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