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Re: Seventh Grade Ceramics

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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Mon, 9 Mar 1998 22:28:23 -0500

Have you tied clay postcards? I used to do this project. They broke up
into groups and they had to list who a person receives post card from.
They then had to make a list of the type of pictures on a postcard. Some
of the students had never received a postcard.

They then had to design on paper 5X7 a postcard.
This ended up being a relief tile made out of clay. You would have to
demonstrade applique of two pieces of clay. we dry the clay with a hair
dryer or fan. They then go back with a pencil and clean up the tile. If
they get finidhed early they can turn it over on the back and write a note
like a real postcard. I usually did this project one day, covvered in
plastic. I put the whole classes on top of each other or in small stacks
and covered with plastic. The next class setting they cleaned up the
piece, wrote their note and then started on a small coil form. When they
were finished to let dry I lined them up vertical in a deep art tray. The
pieces dried without warping. I kep turning them and checking. I fired
them standing on end so they wouldn't break or warp. I leaned one against
the other. They an be glazed or they can be stained with watered down
acrylics. what I do is water the acrylic paint myself and put in plastic
peanut butter jars . This keeps all semster.
Another project is to do a rock form. Small, handfull of clay. work with
applying textures, adding bits of clay etc. Then on top of the rock they
sculpt an animal and attach.. The next class stting they cut this rock into
, follow a texture wave or something. Take popscycle sticks and have them
tape wire to the end and carve out the inside. There you have a covered
container. I fire these to stoneware and they stain with watered down
acrylic or watercolor. They look wonderfyl.. We do sketches from zoo
books borrowed from school library before starting. They have to draw the
views of the ani,als feet, the head and back view, etc.

Yet another one that turned outr real good. I found a coloring book on
Kachina dolls. I ran those off. we then looked at Kachinas and they did a
report from xerox copies I handed out. We devided into groups and each
group made a poster for a different aspect of Kachinsa/ Like ceremony, what
are kachinas, etc. Whatever I found information on. The students then
worked in groups and made a poster and presented to the class. We then
makde a Kacina by lining a yogurt cup with clay coils. I sprayed pam in
first. The cclay came right out. Theyu smoothed the coile. We then made
a small newpaper roll and wrapped clay around that and made a small
The upside clay yogurt cup or paper cup form sat on top of the cylinder
form.. They then added arms that hugged the body, added a skirt around the
middle, added long nose, hair, etc. They turn out neat too. After fired,
you can paint and add old jewelry, feathers, leather and beads.

enola from Indiana

> From: Linda Stauffer <artistlps>
> To: Arts Ed <>
> Subject: Seventh Grade Ceramics
> Date: Monday, March 09, 1998 4:45 PM
> I am looking for a new project for seventh grade ceramics. The classes
> are 40 min long every day. There are 30 kids in a class with 28 seats.
> Classes are of mixed ability. Projects cannot be too large- storage
> space is at a minimum. Any suggestions?