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What to expect

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Diane L. (mselle)
Sat, 07 Mar 1998 23:29:30 -0500

Dear Rose: Congratulations! It's wonderful, take it from me, a late
bloomer, I'm 48 and a first year art teacher, k-2nd grade. I love, love,
love what I'm doing. Fortunately I teach at a school which promotes
creativity and so we can stretch our imaginations galore. Things to
expect: colds, flu, etc: you catch it all, several times over. I take
lots of vitamen C. I've been told it takes 4 years to build up an immunity
to the kids. Expect some kid to throw up when you make paper mache, and
the rest of the class to turn sour and you have a tone of the stuff ready
to make puppets with and you have to remotivate them while cleaning up the
throwup....If you are teaching young ones, expect all sorts of bathroom
words and non stop giggles. You have to nip it in the bud. Expect kids to
copy one another, and the one being copied to get mad. You have to deal
with this issue. My own philosophy is: Aside from copyright laws, when you
put something out there (create) it becomes part of the pool of experience
for those who come into contact with it. This is hard for the originator to
understand, and they get mad when another copies. I try to tell the copier
to make his/her own version. Sometimes you'd think they're both going to
have some sort of emotional crisis but it usually blows over. Other things
to expect, kids who finish the project in five minutes. Always have
additional things for them to do. I have a major project which is either
a one day lesson or covers several days. This takes about 20 min or more.
After their project period is complete they get free time... creative
play, drawing, paper cutting, paper sculpture, etc. They can be assessed
during this period since I can see if they are assimilating what they
learned by incorporating it into their creative free time. Make sure names
are on all projects, very important, some kids can't remember which is
theirs and an occassional student will claim a "better one" and a dispute
arises. This will even happen at the middle school level. Expect spills
constantly, be it water, tempera, whatever. Have a sponge mop on hand.
Expect kids to get soiled even with smocks on. Have extra smocks. Expect
kids to say they're bored when you talk more than 2 minutes. They want
hands on. They have to learn that art is not a play ground and that while
we can have fun in art and talk while working we are students in a class.
I will be firmer next year. I began as a sub and next year when I start as
the real teacher things will be grounded better. Clean up is difficult.
They resist. The teacher I subbed for gave stickers at the end of each
class. I did'nt and the kids had a hard time. I tried to tell they that
art was its own reward, but they were already used to the stickers, so I am
trying to have a daily star chart, if they clean I stamp a star near their
name. At the end of the month I give a treat. I'm not sure what to do
next year, maybe go back to the stickers. Above all, expect kids to look
forward to art. It's usually their favorite subject. You'll love it, I'm
sure. Keep in touch! Sincerely, Diane

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