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Fields, Linda (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 13:34:13 -0500

Hi Kathryn! The zip code for the museum in Raleigh is 27607-6494. Their
phone number is (919) 839-6262 and fax (919) 733-8034. If you talk to
Deborah Reid-Murphy, feel free to tell her that Linda Fields suggested
you contact her.
I am glad you were able to get the info off the webpage. I hope
you realized that some of the other murals were from elementary level.
You are right in that the students will be awed by the actual murals
themselves-ever so much more impressive than a picture in a book. Even
my "worldly wise" high schoolers thought the real thing was "awesome!"
Perhaps you could talk with your kids about education-what it means,
what it can do for an individual, its value to them, to their parents,
grandparents, etc. It might be a good way to get some generational mix
in there-you know, contrasts and comparisons, like "when I was a boy
we......" Little kids kind of automatically come up with symbols for
things (like the ball and stick sun), so maybe you could brainstorm
symbols and come up with commonalities that could be used in their
murals. You could also talk about symbology in many cultures, e.g.
Native American, Egyptian, Japanese, etc. and make it a multicultural
thing. Let me know what you decide to do-I am excited for you. Also, if
you want to work in Lower Merion later, let me know-I'll give you some
names, etc. Best wishes-and keep in touch. Good luck! Linda

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> From: Kathryn[SMTP:klm231]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 11:26 PM
> To: Fields, Linda
> Linda- Thank you for replying to my message. I am originally from
> Wayne, Pa
> so I am familiar with Lower Merion schools. I attended Conestoga High
> School which competes with Lower Merion in sports. I looked on the
> web and
> saw what your school produced for the exhibit. It was quite
> impressive.
> The lesson that I am planning on creating is going to be geared for
> elementary students ( I haven't decided on the age group yet) The two
> murals "The Night of the Poor" and "The Day of Harvest" contrast the
> effect
> which lack of education has on people and the well-being of a society
> which
> is founded on education. I chose these two works because they are on
> campus
> and also because I thought it would be effective to bring the students
> into
> the building and view the murals for themselves. However, now I must
> decide
> what I want the students to come away with after being exposed to
> these
> works and develop a lesson and possibly a studio project. John
> Biggers' use
> of symbolism is evident in all of his works and reflect the African
> American
> Experience. But these two murals he did for Penn State were done
> before his
> traveling in Africa and before his focus clearly became the
> African-Americn
> Experience. So (hopefully i am being clear to this point) I am not
> sure how
> I can tie all of this together in a 40 minute lesson.
> You gave me the address of a woman I could contact for
> additional
> information...I was wondering if you had the zip code for Raleigh, NC.
> Again thank you for all of your help...Kathryn Murphy