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Re: kids that destroy their work

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Wed, 04 Mar 1998 23:17:11 -0600

Some of it comes from parents. I sometimes have to take a parent aside,
while their child is working on a table and explain that "it is ok" for
them to get crayon, paint, oil pastels on the table (even the floor it
will clean up) and that a broken crayon is ok. I have started to make a
big deal about hey the tables are covered with both craft paper (the
type used on Bulletin Boards) and plastic we just bring out the sponge
and water (plastic cleaner for some types of marks like oil pastels) and
clean it up. Since we started using the plastic (a volunteer's idea) we
have had less problems with parents (and sometimes teachers) freaking
out over a little crayon or paint on the table.
If we are going to do a project that requires the children to really
bare down on a crayon (like a resist), we go through the crayon boxes
and seperate the "new" crayons from the "used" ones and put the used
ones on that table. The new ones go on a table were they get lighter
uses, and when they are used we move them to the other table. It seems
to solve the problem.
Kimberly Herbert
CAM Administrator

RWilk85411 wrote:
> That wasn't Fran, that was me. I used to get students from an elementary
> teacher who told them that real artists did not use erasers and refused to
> give them erasers. I finally got really blunt with my comments. Year after
> year......... Now I am facing a problem with the two middle school classes
> that I have. They are afraid to bear down on a crayon - they might break it or
> that will use it up. So it is something all the time. where do these ideas
> come from?
> Reatha

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