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Re: Introduction

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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 22:06:33 -0500

That sounds like a great sketch idea. I sketch on mondyas as we have block
scheduling. Tomorrow I know what the sketch will be. Thanks. enola from

> From: JConley957 <JConley957>
> Subject: Re: Introduction
> Date: Sunday, March 01, 1998 12:51 PM
> Hi Pam and Welcome to the greatest bunch of art educators I have ever
> Altho I don't contribute often let me share a great warm-up exercise with
> and my fellow instructors for a drawing class.
> Getting kids to "sketch" prior to drawing details on a work has always
been a
> problem for me. There's always the kid that tries to work from the
inside out
> without a rough sketch as a guide, so, here's what I've done to encourage
> teach sketching.
> First, over the years I've collected little bits of "junk". Things like a
> broken stapler, parts from an automotive carburator, bent forks,
> get the idea:)
> Next, I arrange my tables in a large circle and give everyone a sheet of
> newsprint and a piece of junk. (I have a large box of junk)
> I then tell them that they have 30 seconds to draw the object. At the
end of
> 30 sec. I tell them to pass their object to the left (or right) and they
> have 30 sec. to draw the new object (handed to them by their neighbor).
> also remind them that in order to get credit for the sketch, I have to be
> to recognize the object. Very quickly they learn that they can't start
with a
> little detail, but instead have to just quickly sketch what they get.
> After 3 or 4 passes, I cut the time to 20 seconds, then, eventually to 10
> It's amazing, but their work seems to actually get better as the time
> shorter.
> So, tuck this away and start saving junk.... Welcome to the world of the
> packrats.
> hasta & good luck with your new classes........Jay
> Jay Conley
> Brighton High School
> Brighton, Colorado