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Re: Kids late to class & Late Assignments

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Sun, 01 Mar 1998 19:05:14 -0500

Admittedly (I'm going to be sorry I
admitted this) and unfortunately, I am someone who
battles with tardiness on a personal level. Yes,
it is rude to keep someone waiting. Yes, being
late will get a person fired, and it will cause
other problems in a person's life, but I have to
wonder is being late really caused by laziness? I
wonder about those "kids who have given up still
come late, but no longer expect to pass." We
can't save everybody, and I'm sure that enforcing
the rules is really important to those for whom it
works, but why do those other kids give up? I
have heard that it stems from poor self-esteem and
a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do these kids feel
like they don't deserve to succeed, and so they
sabotage their own success by being late? The
other side of the coin is, how will they ever
succeed if we don't expect them to? What if we
refused to let them fail? Showed them that we
care and believe in them? Of course, these are
just questions. I would not propose to suggest
how something should be done since I am not nearly
as experienced as I would like to be (as all of
you are).
I think this is related to the "turning
assignments in late" topic in that there is a core
of students who just refuse to complete
assignments on time or at all. In high school,
(admittedly again) I flunked an honors English
class because I didn't write the term paper. I
cited my deep-seated fear of success for my
failure. That was almost fifteen years ago. I
still have trouble with papers, but I have
struggled through many issues that have
strengthened and allowed me to rise to my current
position. I guess I'm just thinking that I could
have used a little help. I feel like now it is my
turn to try to help others.
Isn't there something we can do, or are my glasses
too rosy?

Rachel A. Gibas
Art Ed. Pre-Intern
University of Florida

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998 12:36:38 -0500
alrai (James Steele Foerch) wrote:
Dear Teresa & Esteemed Colleagues,
I have students coming to class late all the
time for good and not-good reasons. My policy is
"if you're late, you're tardy and it costs you 5%
on the weekly test". Late is late and there is no
such thing as an "excused" tardiness. I have
explained this policy some 8,304 times to my
principal and fellow teachers and no longer have
any problems with tardiness: The kids who have
given up still come late, but no longer expect to
pass. All the rest show up on time and nothing in
the school prevents them.
My advice to you: Hard line it with true tales
of the hungry, ambitious workers of
Mexico, Hong Kong, S. Afrca, et al. who can hardly
wait to take American jobs away from lazy
workers. No teacher or parent will mess with that!
J. S. Foerch,
Pine Creative Arts Academy
Grand Rapids, MI