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JudaOrlandi, Marilyn (Marilyn.JudaOrlandi)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:26:00 +0000 (GMT)

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Sidnie, you said:

>I like to give any assignment that will give people who struggle
>success. I have often done a grid assignment where I take a large
>photo from a magazine(black & white) and draw the grids, then cut
>into squares (sometimes 4 grids--sometimes only 1) I give to the
>kids when we're discussing value and I have them enlarge to about
>6"squares per each 1" square they receive. The object is to
>accurately render the value patterns. Often they can't even make
>out what their piece is. When we're finished we assemble the picture
>into one giant shaded drawing and the results are usually wonderful.
>Since I have all 8th graders we usually have several pictures so it's
>really important to have some kind of code on the backs of the little
>grid pieces --it's a challenge to put them together. We use ebony
>pencil. Sid

I have done the same assigment with 5th graders using a photocopy of a
sculpture of a Roman Emperor. They didn't know what they were working on
until they put it all together at the end of the class and it came out
WONDERFUL! They were absolutely flabergasted that they were able to do such
an accurate and beautiful drawing. I mounted it on colored paper and hung
it on the wall and now when someone gets into the I-can't-draw-syndrome I
point to the picture and say if you could do it there you can do it
here....just take it a piece at a time, don't get overwhelmed by the
subject. That picture has been great for their self-esteem.
I must say, however, I tried the same assignment with elementary kids
and it just didn't work out. The kids lost interest if they didn't know
what they were drawing...Does this show an inability to think abstractly at
that age? Anyone else try this with elementary kids? What were the

Marilyn Juda-Orlandi

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