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Bob Greaves (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:18:49 +0000

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The following "quotes" were extracted from year 12 art examination
papers a couple of years ago.. You may be interested..
The sam examiner says he has noted over 50 ways of spelling Art
Nouveau... new vow.. new vough... new phow etc.....

(er.... if the typing is without mistakes it is because Helen our Faculty
secretary typed it ... not me).
> By using perspective Pissarro was able to make the painting disappear
> into the distance as you look at it.
> Monet painted water lillies in the water from the bottom of his
> garden. Water lillies are lillies that grow, or should I say float,
> on water. Water lillies which didn't grow or float on water wouldn't
> be water lillies, just lillies.
> Monet rejected the rules of art by painting a naked nude.
> Sure, Salvador Dali painted some things which looked stupid but they
> were always well painted - kind of good, stupid things.
> 20th Century Australian art took place between 1930 and 1940.
> Ralph Balson's work changed quite significantly at least 4 times,
> however, it didn't change after his death in 1964.
> The landscape then became good enough to paint on its own and so they
> painted and painted and painted it again and again and again and
> again. I think they really liked painting it.
> The Impressionists painted everyday scenes yet Monet's 'Sunrise'
> doesn't look like it happens every day.
> A particularly interesting feature of this painting was the manner in
> which John Beard was executed. He was suspended in a birdseye view
> with a slight angle.
> The paint was applied so thickly that nothing could be seen
> underneath except canvas and colours which had been put on before.
> In "Liberty Leading the People" Liberty is shown running
> bare-breasted and all of the men are running after her.
> McCubbin's work was very similar to Robert's but Robert's work wasn't
> similar to McCubbins. Or maybe it was the other way around.
> The Egyptians built the pyramids in the shape of a huge triangular
> cube.
> I spent a lot of time painting men's faces - happy men's faces
> because I myself was feeling gay.
> So far some of my work has been appreciated but only by those who
> have seen it.
> Later on in the year I thought I would try working on the whole of
> the female body. I failed drastically. I think I have a distinct
> problem with nudity or else the female form cannot be perfected.
> My immediate goal with my folio was to produce something original in
> a technique or medium that had never been used by anyone before. But
> I couldn't find one so I settled for something which was new to me.
> Since I hadn't done much art before I discovered that almost
> everything was new.
> As for my artistic goals I had none to begin with and could see none
> in my finished work.
> I wanted to draw things as I actually saw them so I started by
> sketching my father as a young boy.
> I had real problems trying to glue the polystyrene frogs onto the
> canvas. I believe this was because contact glue was the wrong glue
> to use and it made me nauseus (the glue, I mean, not the work). I
> thought I was going to croak it (ha ha).
> Now that I had found a theme all I had to do was to find a topic to
> paint.
Bob Greaves.

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