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Re: What are you thoughts on copying?

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Marge Dickinson (mdart)
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 15:37:57 -0600 (CST)

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Bunki wrote>Hi, everyone.......I've been on this listserv since mid. summer
and I
>haven't heard anyone yet discuss the practice of copying in the classroom.
>Specifically, I'm talking about copying from magazines as a basis for
>learning how to draw and see as opposed to, say, still-life setups (which,
>BTW, my mid. school students hate unless it's something unusual like teddy
>bears, motors, etc). How do YOU feel about using a magazine picture as a
>source for drawing?
>Looking forward to your answers!
>Bunki Kramer
>Los Cerros Middle School
>Danville, California 94526

Hi Bunki

I wrote on this subject sometime ago - about how I did not allow copying
because it
is visual plagiarism - and I got clobbered by several people who said it
was a legitimate
practice for artists. I still feel that we don't have artists yet - and
that it is harmful
beside teaching copyright infringement - but I must admit that I do use bug
and the science book to help us with such creatures. I do prefer to ask
student to
try to work from life (I have even picked grasshoppers off my car grill,
and saved those
bugs which die in my windows- I have magnifying glasses).

I have a great collection of still life stuff - car parts,machinery, and
the usual vase and
flower thing. I usually set up a huge pile which isusable from all sides
and then have
students choose the side they want to do. Copying
bothers me. In grade school, junior high and high school, we are training
the student to
see - and not to copy a 2-D image to a 2-D piece of paper. My students go
off to college able
to draw anything - which makes me feel good.

Marge Dickinson

Marge Dickinson
Galva, IL
e-mail: mdart
phone: 309-932-2880
fax: 309-932-8207

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